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Odoo Runbot


No matter which one of these 2 methods you use, if you want to be able to access the builded instances you must set the host host name to be the same as the domain. If the domain for accessing the runbot is the host name you set in th ansible file or -h parameter in the docker run should be

Executing directly with docker

This docker image is for Odoo runbot hacked by Vauxoo.

To run this image you must install docker[1] then pull Odoo runbot docker image from::

docker pull vauxoodeveloper/docker-odoo-instance

After the download process is completed you can run the container with::

docker run -e "DB_HOST=your_db_host" -h hostname -v path_to_sshkeys:/home/runbot/.ssh -t runbot


path_to_sshkeys: path to ssh keys that will be used for connecting to github, bitbucket and so
your_db_host: database server hostname or ip
hostname: is a mandatory parameter that specify the hostname where you will use to connect ie (

NOTE: when you mount the volume be sure you have hithub, bitbucker, launchpad and gitlab in the known hosts file

You can add additional env vars to configure Odoo instance::

docker run -e "DB_HOST=your_db_host" -e "DB_USER=the_user" -e "DB_PASSWORD=the_user_password" -e "ADMIN_PASSWD=the_admin_pass" -v path_to_sshkeys:/home/runbot/.ssh -h hostname -t runbot

And any other parameter defined in the Odoo config file, you must type it in uppercase if you want the entry point detect it.

Executing using ansible files

NOTE: In order to use ansible files you must install ansible (

First you must copy to the host where you want to install the runbot image, then you can execute it as follows::

ansible-playbook start_runbot.yml -c local -i inventory

Optionally change the defaults parameters edit vars.yml file, there you can change hostname, mapped ports, db server configuration, etc.

Most of the default env vars can be changed by editing the vars.yml file but if you want to add additionar env vars or edit the existing ones find the following line in the start_runbot.yml file:

env: "DB_HOST={{ db_server }},DBFILTER={{ db_filter }},DB_NAME={{ db_name }},WITHOUT_DEMO=False,ODOO_CONFIG_FILE={{ odoo_config_file }}"

And change as you need.

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