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Docker service registrator with built-in DNS server
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This is a fork of psi-4ward/docker-etcd-registrator with built-in DNS server for simplier setup. Adds two parameters BUILTIN_DNS_PROXY (e.g. BUILTIN_DNS_PROXY= which enables the built-in DNS server (and disables the rest of the backend), and ETCD_PREFIX (default ETCD_PREFIX='/dockerdns') which is also used as the base domain for the DNS entries. Each docker container gets multiple domain names to be used for discovery in different scenarios:

  • <docker-image-name>.<base-domain>
  • <parent-host>.<docker-image-name>.<base-domain>
  • <docker-container-name>.<base-domain>
  • <parent-host>.<docker-container-name>.<base-domain>

e.g. the following DNS entries will be created for a container running RethinkDB started with --name rethinkdb-main on host production1:

  • rethinkdb.dockerdns
  • production1.rethinkdb.dockerdns
  • rethinkdb-main.dockerdns
  • production1.rethinkdb-main.dockerdns
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