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Obnam docker image

This image contains the obnam tools to make backup. It is available on
the Docker hub : vdemeester/obnam.

By default, it will backup /obnam/source to


The idea is to use volume to be able to backup a folder using
obnam. It can be used to backup locally (at least folder to folder) or
with sftp.

  • To backup locally, we will mount /obnam/source and
    /obname/destination to the right host folder. Let's mount the
    source as read-only to be sure it does not get messed up.
$ docker run -ti --rm \
  -v /folder/to/backup:/obnam/source:ro \
  -v /backup/destination:/obnam/destination \
  • To backup using sftp, we will need to pass an argument to the
    image, and probably the $HOME/.ssh folder to be able to use ssh keys.
$ docker run -ti --rm \
  -v $HOME/.ssh/:/home/user/.ssh/:ro \
  -v /folder/to/backup:/obnam/source:ro \
  vdemeester/obnam s
  • Note that if you bind a file to /obnam/config it will use it and
    pass it with --config to obnam.

Real-world example

For reference this is what I use to backup my root directory (I'm
actually doing something more complex with btrfs snapshot but that's
another story).

$ docker run -ti --user=root --rm \
  -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa:ro \
  -v ~/.ssh/known_hosts:/root/.ssh/known_hosts:ro \
  -v /:/obnam/source:ro \
  -v ~/documents/backups/hokkaido.root.conf:/obnam/config:ro \
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