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VDJPipe tool
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project vdj_pipe

Copyright, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 2014

vdj_pipe is a pipeline for processing DNA sequence data

For building, see doc/build.txt.
For legal information see doc/license.txt.
For HTML documentation see out/html/interface.html
Contact: lindsay.cowell (at)

Development Process

Git Structure and Versioning Process

  • This project uses the Git Flow methodology for code management and development:

  • Do not directly modify or commit change to the master branch.

  • New development and features should be done on branches that are cloned from the develop branch. Create an issue for the bug or task being developed and name the branch issue-# where # is the issue number.

  • When you have completed development and testing, push your branch to bitbucket and file a pull request on your branch.

  • Email Scott.Christley (at), if you have any questions.

Development Setup

You will need to clone down the project to create a local repository on your machine.

- Clone project
    $ git clone
    $ cd vdj_pipe

- Reproduce a bug in the **develop** branch
    $ git checkout develop
    $ build and run tests

- Create a new branch from the **develop** branch to work on an issue
    $ git checkout -b issue-# develop
    $ develop and test

Release Process

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository