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Openstack Swift Proxy Node
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Swift-Proxy Image

This image contains all packages and configuration of related to swift proxy or controller node. Here for creating proxy container pull this image and do some configuration and change some file as per your requirement.

After downloading this image run below command for getting proxy container. In this container we will use host IP for configuration.

`docker run -i -t --net=host --name="proxy" vedams/swift-proxy /bin/bash

Create ring files as per your cluster configuration and replace with existing ring file.

Replace the bind_ip and auth_host IP with host ip inside /etc/swift/proxy-server.conf file.
Ensure proper ownership to /etc/swift folder.

Run the below command for start the all services of proxy node.

```service mysql restart
service supervisor restart

For environment variable provide following details which already created inside proxy container.

tenant = admin, user = admin, password = admin123

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