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Openstak swift storage node
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Swift-Storage Image

This docker image is provided for creating swift storage node on the top of docker containers. In this image already all configuration had done for some other host. For creating storage node as per your host machine you have to do some basic configuration to your host machine.

In your host OS create a partition for using swift storage. here docker container is utilizing your host resource for store objects. write the swift supporting file system to that drive and mount it.
For writing file system and mount the drive follow openstack swift installation guide.

After Completing downloading of this image run the following command for storage container.

`docker run -i -t --net=host --name="storage" -v /srv/node/sdb1:/srv/node/sdb1:rw vedams/swift-storage /bin/bash

After Creating Container make some changes inside storage container.

Replace your host ip to inside these files at the place of bind_ip


Replace address with your host ip in rsyncd.conf file

Create ring files as per your storage nodes configuration and replace these ring file to existing ring files.

Ensure proper ownership to all folder with related to storage container.
Run the below command for start all services related to storage container.

service supervisor restart

Docker Pull Command