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A stackable Wordpress-Nginx container that can be easily linked to a MySQL container.
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A Dockerfile that installs the latest wordpress, nginx, php-apc and php-fpm. We split wordpress and NGINX out of the container to a seperate container. Now we will link the docker-wordpress-nginx to a MySQL container(Just because we can).


$ git clone
$ cd docker-wordpress-nginx
$ sudo docker build -t="docker-wordpress-nginx" .


To spawn a new instance of wordpress on port 80. The -p 80:80 maps the internal docker port 80 to the outside port 80 of the host machien.

$ sudo docker run -p 80:80 --name docker-wordpress-nginx -d docker-wordpress-nginx

Start your newly created docker

$ sudo docker start docker-wordpress-nginx

After starting the docker-wordpress-nginx check to see if it started and the port mapping is correct. This will also report the port mapping between the docker container and the host machine.

$ sudo docker ps -> 80/tcp docker-wordpress-nginx

You can the visit the following URL in a browser on your host machine to get started:
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