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A Docker image for the Parse Server with Dashboard pre-installed. It's based on Express and supports single and multiple applications per instance.


The Parse Server can be configured to support single or multiple applications per instance:

Single application

Run the container using the image vegidio/parse:

$ docker run -d \
    -e DB_USERNAME=root \
    -e DB_PASSWORD=root \
    -e DB_HOST=hostname:27017 \
    -e MASTER_KEY=d2d58468 \
    -e APP_IDS=app1 \
    -e DASHBOARD_USERNAME=username \
    -e DASHBOARD_PASSWORD=password \
    -p 1337:1337 \
    --name parse vegidio/parse

The full list of environment variables and how they can be used to configure your Parse Server can be found in the Parameters section.

Multiple applications

If you want to run more than one application in the same instance then you just need to add them in the environment variable APP_IDS, in a single string separated by comma ,.

For example, the environment variable -e APP_ID=app1,app2,app3 will create 3 apps called app1, app2 and app3.



Here is the full list of parameters used by the Parse Server:


  • DB_USERNAME: the username used to login in the database. This user must have access to create new schemas.
  • DB_PASSWORD: the password used to login in the database.


  • DB_HOST: the hostname and port where the database is hosted. You don't have to include the protocol mongodb:// or the user credentials here.
  • MASTER_KEY: the key used to grant access to the users that want to access the Parse API.
  • APP_IDS: one ore more unique IDs, separated by comma , to identify your apps. These IDs will also be used to form the URLs of your Parse apps.
  • DASHBOARD_USERNAME: the username used to login in the Parse Dashboard.
  • DASHBOARD_PASSWORD: the password used to login in the Parse Dashboard.


vegidio/parse is released under the Apache License. See LICENSE for details.


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