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[OFFICIAL] Alpine Image for ARMHF (PI, PI2, etc) - 5MB Image
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How to RUN this image:

docker run -it --rm=true ventz/armhf-alpine /bin/sh

How to Create your own Official from SCRATCH

I've noticed that a few people have created these, but no one tells you HOW they did it. And after all, are you really going to run some random person's "trust-me-I-am-not-evil" image?

So, here's how to build one yourself:

  1. Boot into an ARM OS with Docker OS (ex: Hypriot would be the best, or Raspbian with Hypriot's package, or your own)

  2. Pull the OFFICIAL "" from Docker's GITHUB:

  3. Export the correct ARCH (this is because Alpine's Repo directory is called "armhf", and run the script with -s to save the rootfs:

    export ARCH=armhf; ./ -s
  4. Uncompress the the rootfs.tar.xz:

    xz -d rootfs.tar.xz
  5. Create a build folder, move the rootfs.tar, and create a Dockerfile:

    mkdir container
    mv rootfs.tar container/.
    cd container
  6. Inside the "container" folder, create a Dockerfile looks like this:

    FROM scratch
    ADD rootfs.tar /
    CMD ["/bin/sh"]
  7. Build it (while IN the 'container' folder):

    docker build --force-rm=true --no-cache=true --rm=true -t 'dockerhubusername/armhf-alpine' .

That's it. Now you can TRUST OR build your own! :)

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