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Web Container Image (contatins Apache 2.4 -PHP 5.6)
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This image conatins apache and php and is fuctional as a web container, we would be using this to install drupal.

Pull this web contatiner:

docker pull venugopp/docker-dc-web

Start up MYSQL container:

docker run --name docker-mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=drupal -e MYSQL_USER=root -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=drupal -p 3306:3306 -d mysql:latest

Sharing MYSQL with webcontainer & mount local file system to get code base:

docker run --name docker-dev -p 80:80 --link docker-mysql:doc-host -d -v $HOME/projects/pradeep/dcamp/drupal/core:/var/www/html venugopp/docker-dc-web

After this you could install drupal from:

Docker Pull Command