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dockerized busco v2
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Dockerized BUSCO v2


This is a repo containing a Dockerfile for creating an ubuntu image with assembly QC tool BUSCO v2. This Dockerfile can be built by users but is also used to create an automatically-built image on Docker hub here.


In order to run BUSCO using the image on Docker hub built from this Dockerfile, enter the directory containing your input fasta and your extracted lineage directory and run the docker image as follows, entering the BUSCO command-line arguments after vera/busco (in this example, assumes your input fasta is called a.fasta and your lineage directory is called tetrapoda_odb9 and your reference species is chicken):

docker run -d -v $(pwd):/data --name busco1 \
 vera/busco -i a.fasta -o buscotest1 -l tetrapoda_odb9 -m genome -c 24 -sp chicken

The docker container running BUSCO will output files in a directory buscotest1 in the current directory. You can monitor the run by examining the log files generated by BUSCO, and by using the docker logs command with the name of the container specified with --name when creating the container:

docker logs -f busco1
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