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Wildfly application server with Java 8.
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Wildfly application server with OpenJDK 8 JRE.
Just a simple standalone


The builds are based on the latest openjdk8-jre. Current version is openjdk:8u111-jre official.

I will support the latest major Final versions and the newest Candidate Release versions.

Supported versions:

  • 9.0.0.Final

  • 9.0.1.Final

  • 9.0.2.Final

  • 10.0.0.Final


You have to specify the management username and password with the WILDFLY_MANAGER and WILDFLY_MANAGER_PASSWORD environment variables and you are ready to use the server.

$ docker run --name wildfly -p 9990:9990 -p 8080:8080 -v /var/opt/wildfly/deployments:/opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments -e WILDFLY_MANAGER=manager -e WILDFLY_MANAGER_PASSWORD=secret vereshus/wildfly:latest


By default the management, the public and the unsecure interfaces are listening on any-address so change that property first to restrict the unauthorized access. See more details

Use the management console to modify the settings or use either the or jboss-cli.bat to connect to the server on 9990 port.


[standalone@ /] /interface=public:undefine-attribute(name=any-address)
[standalone@ /] /interface=public:write-attribute(name=subnet-match,value=
[standalone@ /] /interface=management:undefine-attribute(name=any-address)
[standalone@ /] /interface=management:write-attribute(name=subnet-match,value=
[standalone@ /] /interface=unsecure:remove
[standalone@ /] :reload


The modules folder is defined as docker VOLUME so feel free to add your own compatible modules to the system.


The deployment folder is either a VOLUME so you can copy your WAR into this folder and touch a .war.dodeploy file to trigger the server to deploy.

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