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Vert.x 3 stack - vertx command
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Vertx 3 Stack - vertx command

This image provides the vert.x command so you don't have to install vert.x

Launching the image

Just launch:

docker run -i -t vertx/vertx3-exec

Append the vertx command parameter you need.

for instance:

> docker run -i -t vertx/vertx3-exec -version

If you want to run a verticle:

docker run -i -t -p 8080:8080 \ 
    -v $PWD:/verticles vertx/vertx3-exec \  
    run io.vertx.sample.RandomGeneratorVerticle \ 
    -cp /verticles/MY_VERTICLE.jar 

This command mounts the current directory into /verticles and then launch the vertx run command. Notice the -cp parameter reusing the /verticles directory.

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