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NS3 dce-linux-mptcp using mptcp_v0.88 kernel on Ubuntu 12.04 image
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Built from Ubuntu 12.04 image
Run as container on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. The history of building this image can be seen below.
Dependencies for NS3 DCE have been installed.
Modify bakeconf.xml (stored as /root/bake/bakeconf.xml)

What are added on /root/bake/bakeconf.xml?

module name="mptcp_v0.88"
module name="dce-linux-mptcp88"

Run from the image:

docker run -i -t veryresto/ubuntu:dce-linux-mptcp88 /bin/bash

History of building the image:

Adapt from

Check Building DCE basic mode and configure using command below

DCE is configured using configure -e dce-linux-mptcp88 download build


Try mptcp code

cd /root/dce/source/ns-3-dce
rm \*pcap ; rm files-* -rf
./waf --run dce-iperf-mptcp

Observe the pcap files

The pcap files should show that MPTCP works



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