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Zookeeper build for joyent/triton using containerPilot
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vescel/zookeeper: dockerized kafka for Joyent Triton

vescel/zookeeper is a dockerized apache zookeeper installation for the Joyent Triton Containers as a Service platform that makes use of Joyent's ContainerPilot for container scheduling.

The vescel/zookeeper container has an automated build available on dockerhub

For detail usage (including kafka and kafka-manager) visit


local machine prerequsites


docker toolbox must be installed. Docker for Mac is still fresh, and I haven't had a chance to work out the network bugs yet, so stick with docker toolbox for now.

Mac OSX Quick Start

ContainerPilot assumes a dockerized hashicorp consul be running. I use progrium/consul using the following command:

docker run -p 8400:8400 -p 8500:8500 -p 8600:53/udp -h node1 progrium/consul -server -bootstrap -ui-dir /ui

This command will launch a single consul instance (sufficient for development) that will have the consul UI available on port 8500 of the local machine at:

docker-machine ip default

Clone this repository to your local machine. cd into vescel/kafka and run the following command to create the required ENV file

./ local

Confirm that a file with name _env exists in the local directory, then run:

docker-compose up

Which creates a single instance of zookeeper, available on port 2181.

Scaling to a multiple node installation is accomplished with the following command:

docker-compose scale zookeeper=3

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