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Damn Vulnerable WordPress Site
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dvwps: Damn Vulnerable WordPress Site

This is simply a Docker container with a vulnerable WordPress version and vulnerable plugins. This project is aimed for people who want to learn about penetration testing by playing with vulnerable WordPress setup.

Basic usage

Setting up MySQL database

To execute this container you need a running MySQL database server. You could set up your own hosted MySQL server, create a wordpress database, and a wordpress user. Or you could just use the official MySQL Docker container like I do. In both cases you'll need to start MySQL with sql-mode='ALLOW_INVALID_DATES' option. In the configs directory of this repository I've included a sample MySQL config named mysql.cnf with this option. If you don't do this you won't be able to create an admin user for the WordPress site, due to MySQL errors with invalid dates.

If you choose to use the MySQL Docker container and you want the changes to the WordPress site to be persistent, here is the recipe:

  1. Create a data only container dockerfile:

    FROM ubuntu:14.04
    MAINTAINER William Viana
    VOLUME /var/lib/mysql

CMD ["true"]

2. Then run the following commands:

$ docker build -t username/mysql_datastore .
$ docker run --name wp_data username/mysql_datastore

3. After that, you can run the MySQL Docker container like this:

$ docker run --name wp_db -p 3306:3306 --volumes-from wp_data -v /path/to/dvwps/configs/:/etc/mysql/conf.d -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_USER=wordpressuser -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_DATABASE=wordpress -d mysql:5.6

  Notice that you have to include the path where you have the `mysql.cnf` file stored.

###Running the container
If you chose to execute MySQL from a Docker container you just have to execute the following command, otherwise ignore the `--link` argument.

$ docker run -d --link wp_db:mysql -p 80:80 -e DB_NAME='wordpress' -e DB_USER='wordpressuser' -e DB_HOST='db_host_ip_address' -e DB_PASSWORD='password' vianasw/dvwps

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