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Field Recommendations

Exmple work flow for Python:

From the Python interpreter (assuming the file field_recommendations.csv is in your working directory):

    import fieldrecommend
    demo = field_recommend.FieldRecommend()
    gen = demo.get_recommendations("Authentication.dest", "")

Example work flow for Docker:

This flow will pull the Docker image from my automated Docker build. At container run time, the current working directory is mounted to the container's /from_host directory, to facilitate additional CSVs:

    docker pull victorclark/insight:latest
    docker run -itd --name insight_container -v $(pwd):/from_host victorclark/insight
    docker attach insight_container

From here, hit enter and you will be taken to a containerized Python prompt where you can continue with the work flow for Python. Note that you can load additional CSVs from your mounted current working directory (mounted to /from_host), if pass the file names as arguments:

    csv_from_host = field_recommend.FieldRecommend("/from_host/<CSV file name>")
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