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One image to rule them all!
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One image to rule them all!

MachineLearningUltimate is a docker image with a bunch of popular machine learning toolkits preinstalled. You can quickly spin up an instance of this docker image on Linux or Windows (using Docker ToolBox)

docker run -it vijayshinva/machinelearningultimate

The goal of MachineLearningUlitmate is to have all popular machine learning / statistical computing toolkits ready for use.


  • A quick way for enthusiasts to get started with machine learning
  • A quick experimentation / validation environment
  • A training image

ToolKits - Incorporated

  • Anaconda
  • R
  • TensorFlow
  • Theano

Tools - Incorporated

  • wget
  • Git

ToolKits - Under consideration

  • CNTK
  • Torch
  • Caffe


  • Ubuntu 14:04

Docker image for machine learning enthusiasts

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