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Short Description
CentOS with Nginx 1.9 and PHP 5.6 (with apc caching and fpm)
Full Description

Docker Container for running nginx on CentOS 7

The docker container is based on CentOS 7.
Nginx 1.9 has been installed to support php v5.6

Some Extras

  • php-fpm (FastCGI Process Manager) listenting on a socket to reduce some overhead
  • apc (php cacher)
  • sshd
  • crond

More details are available on Docker Hub Registry.

Docker Installation

Install Docker on your favourite distro and run the container

Run Container

Run the below commands to run the container

docker pull vikas027/centos-nginx-php


docker run --name <any_name> -e 'TIMEZONE=Canada/Central' -e 'ROOT_PASS=secret' -d -p <host_http_port>:80 -p <host_ssh_port>:22 -v <path_of_website_files>:/usr/share/nginx/html vikas027centos-nginx-php

Once the container is up, you can browse to below link and see if everything is working for you as expected.

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository