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Docker Image of CentOS-6 6.5 x86_64, with SSH and SFTP.

This will create a container with the name sftp and with a SSH/SFTP user with
the name user1:

$ docker run -d -P --name sftp -e SSH_USER=user1 viklund/centos-sftp

To find out the password, check the logs:

$ docker logs sftp

You can also specify the password on the command-line by adding
-e SSH_PASSWORD=fnurken to the command.

To sftp to the machine, find out the port-mapping for ssh:

$ docker port sftp
22/tcp ->

Then connect like this (you have to change the port of course):

$ sftp -P 49159 user1@localhost

If you are running on a mac with boot2docker, do this:

$ sftp -P 49159 user1@`boot2docker ip`

And if you don't want to store any information about the host in your .ssh settings:

$ sftp -o "CheckHostIP no" -o "StrictHostKeyCHecking no" -o "UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null" -P 49159 test2@`boot2docker ip`

If you want you can mount a local directory as the home directory for the user,
that way you can have a starting environment for SFTP. Then you will have to
use this run command:

$ docker run -d -P --name sftp --hostname sftp -v /tmp/t2:/home/test2 -e SSH_USER=test2 viklund/centos-sftp

That mounts the local directory /tmp/t2 as the home directory for the test2 user.

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