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Update Decidim

To update the Decidim installation on this project, first we update Gemfile dependencies, then we call the Decidim upgrade script and then we apply migrations (if any)

  • bundle update decidim decidim-dev
  • bin/rails decidim:upgrade
  • bin/rails db:migrate


Development environment installation

  • Install development environment (Ruby 2.4+, PostgreSQL 9.4+). Check the following guide for instructions on different OS:
  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • cd decidim-vilanova
  • Install dependencies: bundle install
  • Setup database: bin/rails db:setup
  • Add fake data to the database: bin/rails db:seed
  • Launch development server: bin/rails server

More information can be found in the Decidim github repository:

Testing emails in development

Decidim is using the letter_opener_web gem. To see all emails sent in the development environment you can do it by visiting the https://localhost:3000/letter_opener URL.

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