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README of Infinity Docker (aka Vcycle)

What is Infinity

Infinity is the codename of vcyle using docker, also implement some experimental behaviours that could be implemented in future vcycle versions.

How use Infinity Docker

To use Infinity the first step is download the repository and compile it using docker.

docker build -t <identifier> .
  • To execute correctly the application you need at least to define a configuration file named infinity.conf
  • Execute docker

docker run -d -v /etc/infinity/:<conf_dir> -v /var/log:<log_dir> <image_id>
  • <conf_dir> is the folder where is allocated infinity.conf
  • <log_dir> is the folder where the logs will be allocated.
  • <image_id> is the identifier given at the image when it was builded.

Infinity.conf format

The configuration file follows the JSON format, the stucture of it should be:


    "universe": {
            "url":"Url to mongoDB"
        "galaxies": {
           "galaxy_id": {
                "prefix": "prefix to use with the vm name",
                "url": "endpoint to the site",
                "max_machines": "max vms to execute",
                "type": "connector type. occi or azure",
                "flavor": "name of the flavor",
                "image": "name of the image",
                "start_time": <seconds to wait until the machine starts>,
                "heartbeat": <interval of seconds to send a heartbeat>,
                "proxy":"dir where proxy is allocated, only use with occi",
                "user_data": "path of the userdata"


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