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Openstack common and heat api client tools ready to run.
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This is an image with a collection of openstack tools frequently used for stack management.

Correct your paths for the OpenStack credentials script, in the example ~/openstack/ and the folder for templates, in the example ~/openstack/templates.

Usage as a single-command container

Since the command to run the instance is somewhat complicated, it is recommended to create an alias for it:

alias os="docker run --rm -ti -v ~/openstack/ -v ~/openstack/templates:/t villevaltonen/openstack-tools"

With this alias you can run e.g. os image list from the docker host.

If you wish to run multiple commands without entering your password again, simply run os and you will be given an openstack terminal until you quit.

Aliases do not by default persist over bash sessions. If you wish to make this alias permanent add it to your ~/.profile.

Optionally you may embed the password to the alias command as --env OS_PASSWORD=your_password, but be aware of the security implications of this action.

Use and maintenance

This container is intended for use by Digia employees for projects managing OpenStack cloud resources. It is made public to everyone but no guarantee of it being fully up-to-date or functional is given.

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