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An OpenLava image configured for
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An OpenLava <> docker image configured for the
LSA <>

Ubuntu 14.04 is used as a base and OpenLava 3.2 is compiled from source.

All dependencies needed by LSA are installed.


  1. Create the container ::

     docker run -it -h openlava-m1 -v /data:/data vimalkvn/docker-openlava-lsa /bin/bash

    The -h option is necessary to set the host name in /etc/hosts. Without this,
    the openlava services do not start.

    /data is shared between the host and the container (-v).

  2. Start openlava services ::

     service openlava start

    Check status using service openlava status. A valid PID must be present for
    all services.

  3. Submit jobs as the openlava user ::

     su - openlava
     bsub 'sleep 10; echo `date` > date.txt'
  4. For details on performing analysis with LSA, please check the documentation of that project
    at <>_.

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