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Running the container

docker run --net=host -d --name proftpd -v /host_folder_to_share:/home/username vipconsult/proftpd

Passive mode note

--net=host - required for passive mode connections.

Persistent users

to make the users persistent share the passwords file with the host or a data
-v /home/docker/proftpd/ftpd.passwd:/etc/proftpd/ftpd.passwd

Adding new user

docker exec -it proftpd ftpasswd --file=/etc/proftpd/ftpd.passwd --passwd --shell=/bin/false --name=username --uid=1001 --home=/home/username

#User permissions note
--uid - needs to be set to a user id that has permissions to read and write to the home directory

Deleting user

docker exec -it proftpd ftpasswd --passwd --file /etc/proftpd/ftpd.passwd --delete-user --name username

Example with persistent users

docker run --restart=always --net=host -d --name proftpd -v /home/http:/home/ -v /home/docker/proftpd/ftpd.passwd:/etc/proftpd/ftpd.passwd vipconsult/proftpd

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