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Entertainment automation for home (RaspberryPi) and VPS on docker
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Entertainment automation for home (RaspberryPi) and VPS in a docker image

How does it look like?

Search for torrents

Select from search results

Torrent downloads

Push notification of download complete

How to use?

  • Get a VPS or a RaspberryPi and install any Linux OS (preferably, with a good docker support; choose one of Ubuntu & ArchLinux if in doubt).

  • Install docker on it.

  • Create an account on Followshows and follow your favourite shows. Get the link to the RSS feed (right side above the calendar on home page), it should be of the form:

  • Optionally, use your email address for download complete push notifications. If you're an iPhone user, get the Boxcar2 app for push notifications. Once you sign up, you will get an email address (of the form `, use it here and you'll get notifications straight on your iPhone. (I have not found any _free_ Android app for push notifications yet). Omit the-e` part in following command to disable notifications.

  • If you want to use the media streaming server (eg, on a RaspberryPi on home network), run the following:

    docker run -d --name tv -e -e RSS_FEED= -e "TV_OPTS=-s 720p" -v $PWD/data:/data --net host viranch/tv
  • If you don't want to use the media streaming server, (eg, when on a VPS), just change the --net host part in above command to -p 80:80:
    docker run -d --name tv -e -e RSS_FEED= -e "TV_OPTS=-s 720p" -v $PWD/data:/data -p 80:80 viranch/tv
  • Navigate to http://your-ip/. You can change the port with the -p switch, eg: -p 8000:80.

  • You can also optionally set a basic authentication username & password using the -e AUTH_USER & -e AUTH_PASS environment variables:

    docker run [...] -e AUTH_USER=bob -e AUTH_PASS=myprecious [...] viranch/tv

What does it contain?

  • Transmission server for downloading media from torrents.
  • Dashboard web page (http://your-ip/) that shows:
    • Torrent search bar, with direct "Download" button in search results.
    • The Transmission web interface
    • Web view of the downloads directory (hosted by Apache).
  • A daily cron job that looks for new episodes from the RSS link provided in run command.


What is $TV_OPTS?

This environment variable is used to pass extra options to the cronjob script. The one in the sample run above adds the suffix "720p" for all torrent search queries.
Check out the script to see what options you can pass.

Multiple RSS feeds

You can pass multiple comma-separated RSS feed links to RSS_FEED variable in the run command.
You can also pass multiple sets of TV_OPTS (comma-separated, eg: TV_OPTS=-s 720p,-s eztv can also be passed.
Note that the number of RSS feed links and set of TV_OPTS should be equal. The first RSS link will be used with first options set in TV_OPTS, second link for second options set, and so on.

Running your own instance on cloud

Its very easy to run this image in a small container on cloud with HYPER_:

  • Create an account on Hyper from here, includes free $10 credit.

  • Setup credentials here, and save the generated keys.

  • Setup hyper on your Mac, enter your keys on prompt:

    brew install hyper
    hyper config tcp://
  • Now proceed to run the container:

    hyper pull viranch/tv
    hyper run --size s2 -d --name tv -p 80:80 viranch/tv
    IP=`hyper fip allocate 1` # one-time
    hyper fip associate $IP tv
  • Open http://$IP/ in your browser!

  • Remove the container (optional):

    hyper rm `hyper stop tv`
    hyper fip release $IP
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