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The autoqueue client MPD-Sima. Using alpine linux. To use with MPD. Part of docker-music-stack.
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This is an image for the interactive autoqueue client MPD-sima using alpine as the operating system. This is an add-on for MPD.

The idea is use this image together with a fully audio stack. You can edit the sima.conf or use the fully audio stack I created. Check below about docker-music-stack

Check alpine-mpd, alpine-icecast, alpine-sima and alpine-ympd.

How to use

docker run --name=sima -d vitiman/alpine-sima:latest

An instance of sima is running.

Custom configuration

Check the github repository and you will find a sima.conf you can edit and set your custom configuration. You just need to build the image again.

The passwords in the configuration are just for testing purposes.


I've made a group of images for a full music-stack fully working.

  • mpd My favorite music server application
  • icecast: To stream the audio over the world
  • sima: Autoqueue client. Never stop listen!
  • ympd: A minimal Web GUI.

Check the Github repository or the rest of images in Docker Hub. There is a docker-compose to setup everything.


You have two options to execute all the stack, using docker-compose or
launching the containers one-by-one, your choice.

The default access to applications are:

  • mpd: http://localhost:6600 or http://docker_machine_ip:6600
  • icecast streaming: http://localhost:8000/mpd or http://docker_machine_ip:8000/mpd
  • ympd gui: http://localhost:8080 or http://docker_machine_ip:8080

Docker Compose

Clone this repo. Edit docker-compose.yml and add your host volumes for your music, playlists and/or database, then:

docker-compose up -d

Container by container, separatelly

  1. Create a bridge network

    docker network create --name music_stack

  2. Run Icecast

    docker run -p 8000:8000 --net music_stack --name=icecast -d vitiman/alpine-icecast:latest

  3. Run MPD

Use host volumes or create your own volumes for your music, playlists and/or database

docker run -d -p 6600:6600 --net music_stack \ 
    -v your_music_volume:/var/lib/mpd/music \
    -v your_playlists_volume:/var/lib/mpd/playlists \
    -v your_database_volume:/var/lib/mpd/database \
    --name mpd vitiman/alpine-mpd:latest
  1. (Optional) Run sima

    docker run --net music_stack --name=sima -d vitiman/alpine-sima:latest

  2. (Optional) Run ympd

    docker run -p 8080:8080 --net music_stack --name=ympd -d vitiman/alpine-ympd:latest


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