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PhantomJS image primarily created to support CasperJS
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PhantomJS Docker Image

PhantomJS docker image
primarily created to support CasperJS docker image

PhantomJS Version: 2.1.1


'hello world' and version check (default script)

docker run --rm vitr/phantomjs

mount your own script

docker run --rm -v `pwd`/myscript.js:/home/phantomjs/script.js vitr/phantomjs

run in REPL mode, see more details here

docker run -ti --rm --entrypoint="phantomjs" vitr/phantomjs

Some key points

This image contains ENTRYPOINT and will run as an executable, therefore run it with --rm option (automatically remove the container when it exits).

The image includes a sample script, which is executed by default if you don't mount your script with the -v option during docker run. It prints famous Hello, world! and PhantomJS version.

In addition, have a look at related image vitr/casperjs, which is build on top of this one. CasperJS is a testing framework tailored for PhantomJS. Personally, I use it for UA (user acceptance) testing of websites.

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