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PHP-FPM Docker image with automatic configuration file creation and export
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PHP-FPM Docker image with automatic configuration file creation and export

  • Based on official PHP-FPM (7.x) Docker image
  • Automatic configuration creates well-commented configuration files using environment variables or use configuration files at volume "/configurations"
  • Installed and enabled some common extensions (gd iconv mbstring mysqli pdo pdo_mysql opcache)
  • Installed and enabled some extra extensions in alpine-extras image (bcmath, bz2, imap, soap, sockets, shmop, xmlrpc, apcu, imagick, redis)
  • Included ssmtp for mail relay

Supported tags

  • alpine, latest
  • alpine-extras
  • debian

Environment variables supported

  • AUTO_CONFIGURE=[enable|disable]
    Enable automatic configuration file creation
  • CONTAINER_NAME=[example-com-php]
    Current container name
    Current domain name
  • SSMTP_MAILHUB=[server-mta]
    Smtp container hostname
  • CHANGE_OWNER=[enable|disable]
    Change owner of /var/www/html and some special directories (/data/opcache, /sessions, /home/www-data) recursively to "www-data:www-data".
    As the default user is www-data and it is already used in PHP-FPM configuration files, this will solve PHP permission errors for development.
    This also affects the directories and files at host if you mount volumes. Will also be enabled if CHANGE_UID or CHANGE_GID is set.
  • CHANGE_UID=[1000]
    Change uid of default user www-data. You can make this match your current uid (id -u) on host to easily access mounted volumes for development.
  • CHANGE_GID=[1000]
    Change gid of default group www-data. You can make this match your current gid (id -g) on host for development.


  • Automatic configuration, creates configuration files using the supported environment variables
    unless they already exist at /configurations directory. These are well-commented configuration files
    that you can edit according to your needs and make them persistent by mounting /configurations directory
    to a location on host. If you need to re-create them using the environment variables, then you must
    delete the old ones. This is all by design.

  • Configuration templates for extensions in alpine-extras image are not ready currently.

  • There is a working Docker Compose example project which you can see vkucukcakar/php-fpm image in action: lemp-stack-compose

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