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Watch for changes in a directory and sync them to S3
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S3Sync Docker Image (Dockerfile)

This container keeps a local directory synced to an AWS S3 bucket.
It does an initial sync from the specified S3 bucket to a local directory (if it's empty), and then syncs that directory with that S3 bucket. If the local directory was not empty to begin with, it will not do an initial sync.
This is an easy way to back a recent backup copy of data in S3 and have a new node grab it when launched.

This script is intended for a single node to sync it's files to S3, and SHOULD NOT be used as a permanent backup solution.

The download location inside the container defaults to /sync and can be changed via the SYNCDIR environment variable.

AWS credentials

You can declare AWS credentials in 3 ways:

  1. As environment variables

    docker run ...
    -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=1234 \
    -e AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1 \
  2. Mount the configuration directory

    docker run ...
    -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro
  3. If you are using Docker Swarm secrets, the credentials for AWS are automatically loaded from an aws_credentials secret (if it exists). This will link to ~/.aws/credentials. For more information on Docker Swarm secrets, read: For information about a AWS CLI credentials file, read:


  • download: (default) downloads the files and exits
  • upload: uploads the files and exits
  • sync: uses inotify to upload a directory to S3 when files change (see SYNCDIR)
  • periodic_upload: sets up a cron job to upload files to S3 periodically (see CRON_TIME and INITIAL_DOWNLOAD)
  • periodic_download: sets up a cron job to download files from S3 periodically (see CRON_TIME and INITIAL_DOWNLOAD)

Required environment variables

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID (or functional IAM profile)
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY (or functional IAM profile)
  • AWS_DEFAULT_REGION (or functional IAM profile)
  • S3PATH: the S3 synchronize location (ex: s3://mybucket/myprefix)

Optional environment variables

  • SYNCDIR: the local synchronize location (defaults to /sync)
  • CRON_TIME: a valid cron expression (ex: CRON_TIME='0 */6 * * *' runs every 6 hours; defaults to hourly)
  • INITIAL_DOWNLOAD: whether to download files initially (defaults to true); this will only download the files if the directory is empty. Set this to force to skip this check


  • Download files and exit

    docker run \
    -e S3PATH='s3://mybucket/myprefix' \
  • Upload files and exit

    docker run \
    -e S3PATH='s3://mybucket/myprefix' \
    vladgh/s3sync \
  • Upload files periodically (every 6 hours)

    docker run -d \
    -e S3PATH='s3://mybucket/myprefix' \
    -e CRON_TIME='0 */6 * * *' \
    vladgh/s3sync \
  • Watch local directory

    docker run -d \
    -e S3PATH='s3://mybucket/myprefix' \
    vladgh/s3sync \
  • Watch the specified local directory (host mount)

    docker run -d \
    -e S3PATH='s3://mybucket/myprefix' \
    -e SYNCDIR='/mydir' \
    -v $(pwd):/mydir \
    vladgh/s3sync \
  • External AWS credentials

    docker run -d \
    -e S3PATH='s3://textvgh' \
    -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro \

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