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ipython notebook + R kernel
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Base image for Docker images hosting documents in Jupyter notebook format. The layers of the image are as follows:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 (base)
  • r-base, r-base-dev, r-recommended
  • ipython-3.2.1 and dependencies
  • R kernel for ipython
  • includes wget among other utilities

How to Create a Derivative Docker Image

  1. To create a docker image hosting software documentation in Jupyter notebook format, start your Dockerfile with the following line
    FROM vladkim/ipynb:latest
  2. Next, install all the R packages required for running your Jupyter notebook. You can provide an R script, which contains install commands for required R packages e.g.
    RUN wget && \
      R < your_packages.R --no-save
    This will download the hypothetical R script your_packages.R from and pass the script to R with --no-save flag.
  3. Finally add your .ipynb document, e.g. with COPY command:
    COPY your_vignette.ipynb ./

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