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###About Darksearch
Darksearch allows you to query cached onion sites, irc chatrooms, various pdfs, game chats, blackhat forums etc...
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Darksearch also has an API in the works. Currently you can't scrape specific data for your queries, but you can retrieve metadata on your searches by using a GET request on

$ curl -XGET

  "Duration": "0.026", 
  "Query": "spies", 
  "Results": "{'10': {'10': {'Host': u'http://ss2v6i44b3vy4tdf.onion//advisory-board/', 'Description': u\"live in hiding for a year and face arrest her partner was imprisoned twice for exposing the crimes of the <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> she is the author of spies lies and whistleblowers mi5 and the david shayler affair she is now a\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-24 08:02:57', 'Title': u'Advisory Board Courage Foundation', 'URL': u'ss2v6i44b3vy4tdf.onion/advisory-board.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 39006}}, '1': {'1': {'Host': u'http://maskravvbmurcaiz.onion/', 'Description': u\"maskrabbit maskrabbit maskrabbit is an anonymous agency for real world operators we specialize in couriers thieves <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> saboteurs hackers and goons maskrabbit only works with professional agents and serious clients to apply use the appropriate form to submit your needs\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-21 09:53:20', 'Title': u'MaskRabbit', 'URL': u'maskravvbmurcaiz.onion/index.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 1668}}, '3': {'3': {'Host': u'http://uksfvgmwpiww3n4s.onion/', 'Description': u\"when gov imprison bradly manning and torture him until he says he is guilty in the time when they setup <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> and sexual crime to imprison julian assange do you really believe that gov will be stopped in legal way\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-23 10:50:27', 'Title': u'Our reality', 'URL': u'uksfvgmwpiww3n4s.onion/index.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 3495}}, '2': {'2': {'Host': u'http://ac4jrkjk4ialqkoh.onion/category/revealed-documents/', 'Description': u\"this gchq manual from 2008 explains how analysts would unscramble the video signals from israeli drones see the intercept article <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> in the sky israeli drone feeds hacked by british and american intellience 29 january 2016 continue reading s455n israeli\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-21 08:54:29', 'Title': u'Revealed documents Courage Snowden', 'URL': u'ac4jrkjk4ialqkoh.onion/category/revealed-documents.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 36944}}, '4': {'4': {'Host': u'http://lcvkso2t5t3cmy3x.onion/', 'Description': u\"provide his blackberry phone password to canada border services agency cbsa officers at a halifax airport 2015 02 25 canadian <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> collect domestic emails in secret security sweep the communications security establishment cse is covertly monitoring canadians emails 2015 01\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-22 06:45:48', 'Title': u'Hack Canada', 'URL': u'lcvkso2t5t3cmy3x.onion/index.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 9269}}, '6': {'6': {'Host': u'http://h2am5w5ufhvdifrs.onion', 'Description': u\"november 20 2013 2013 1612 htm bis end user certificates for china november 20 2013 2013 1611 pdf fisc usa <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> deny release of doc to aclu nobember 19 2013 2013 1610 vid video nsa ddir inglis at ny law\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-21 11:39:09', 'Title': u'Cryptome', 'URL': u'h2am5w5ufhvdifrs.onion/index.html', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u'', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u'', 'Size (bytes)': 66052}}, '9': {'9': {'Host': u'http://swehackmzys2gpmb.onion/./viewforum.php?f=21&amp;sid=51857442da28cbcb1e47336b287b2960', 'Description': u\"33 1 2 3 svar 27 27 svar 2842 visningar senaste inl gget av avlidienbrunn 18 apr 2016 13 14 <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> in the skies artikel om fbi s flyg vervakning av chlo 13 apr 2016 03 50 svar 5 5\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-22 18:45:05', 'Title': u'Lektyr och media swehack org', 'URL': u'swehackmzys2gpmb.onion/./viewforum.php?f=21&amp;sid=51857442da28cbcb1e47336b287b2960', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u';sid=51857442da28cbcb1e47336b287b2960', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u';sid=51857442da28cbcb1e47336b287b2960', 'Size (bytes)': 48200}}, '8': {'8': {'Host': u'http://swehackmzys2gpmb.onion/./viewforum.php?f=21&amp;sid=3941cd89256fc9b6c7561ccaa4d3a9a1', 'Description': u\"33 1 2 3 svar 27 27 svar 2769 visningar senaste inl gget av avlidienbrunn 18 apr 2016 13 14 <font color='red'><b>spies</b></font> in the skies artikel om fbi s flyg vervakning av chlo 13 apr 2016 03 50 svar 5 5\", 'Timestamp (scraped)': u'2016-04-21 07:22:11', 'Title': u'Lektyr och media swehack org', 'URL': u'swehackmzys2gpmb.onion/./viewforum.php?f=21&amp;sid=3941cd89256fc9b6c7561ccaa4d3a9a1', 'Tor2Web (.cab)': u';sid=3941cd89256fc9b6c7561ccaa4d3a9a1', 'Tor2Web (.to)': u';sid=3941cd89256fc9b6c7561ccaa4d3a9a1', 'Size (bytes)': 48175}}}", 
  "Total Pages": "4", 
  "Total Results": "40"

The Darksearch index is growing as more scrapers get built...

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