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CertBot certificate helping with issuing certificates
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DOSSL Simple docker wrapper for CertBot to get Letsencrypt certs

DOSSL helps you to get SSL certificates via DNS validation for you domain.

The certificates are stored in Docker volume letsencrypt (create on make build if necessary)

Make file commands can help you to start the process and copy the certs from the volume.


  • [ ] Export volume in encrypted form for certs backup
  • [ ] Make volume temporary, have encrypted form of certs storage

How to use

  1. make build get the image and make docker volume called letsencrypt

    • OR docker pull vlaskinvlad/dossl:latest - pull the image

      docker volume create --name letsencrypt - create the volume

  1. make cert generate SSL certs via CertBot & Letsencrypt

    It will ask you about the fdqn and start CertBot chat.

    At some point you will have to create DNS TXT record, please be prepared for that.

  1. make cert_copy copies the certs from the container letsencrypt to local folder ./certs

    Expected directory structure would be:

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