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Short Description
Base image for node apps that desire lets encrypt secured communication.
Full Description

Overview of nginx-https-letsencrypt

This image will get certs from let's encrypt then adjust your nginx files.
It is expected to be extended, rather than run independently. Once the TLS certs
are obtained, the nginx config will be setup to proxy to a local server on port

The secure_start script is what gets the cert and configures nginx. It will
then execute the command you pass in (npm start in the below example).

When the image is run the domain to be secured must be provided as an
environment variable named SECURE_DOMAIN_NAME for secure_start to function.

How to extend

Below is a basic node app running on port 3000. Adjust how you see fit:

FROM nginx-https-letsencrypt

# Setup Node app
WORKDIR /usr/src

COPY package.json app.js /usr/src/

RUN npm install

CMD /usr/local/bin/secure_start "npm start"

Running the image

The domain to secure must be passed into the SECURE_DOMAIN_NAME environment

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e <image_name>
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