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shadowsocks in docker

Haproxy and pen balanced shadowsocks servers in docker

Derived from ladder

Tested on ubuntu 14.04 amd64

How to use

  • Install docker on your system, please refer to the docker official site for installing docker on your os

  • fetch the docker image for docker hub

    # git clone

    # bash


  • Default publish 58117, 58118 and 58119 ports, and can accept any connection from any ip.

    58117: socks proxy

    58118: http/https proxy

    58119: google compress proxy

  • Use the proxy auto config file sscluster.pac, which is borrowed from ladder project. It's generated from gfwlist2pac. Find a proper extension which supports pac file, ie, SwitchySharp for Chrome.

  • Don't spread the public shadowsocks configuration files. And you'd better use your own shadowsocks account if possible.


  • Don't know how to control the process start up sequence so that I can ensure haproxy starts after all shadowsocks are ready. Because of this I cannot use haproxy to load balance shadowsocks connections, I use pen instead. If you have any ideas please feel free to fork and send pull request.
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