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Translate webhooks from Log Insight 3.3+ and vRealize Operations Manager 6.0+ to other services.
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Get alerts in your team chatroom, open an incident ticket or kick off a remediation workflow!

This container provides a deployment of the Webhook-Shims solution - read more at

Using Webhook-Shims Docker Container

  • Install docker
  • Pull the image

docker pull vmware/webhook-shims

  • You will likely want to configure the shims first via interactive shell

docker run -it -p 5001:5001 --name {yourchoice} vmware/webhook-shims bash

  • Note that the -p option specifies port mappings between host:container so you can change the host port to be whatever you wish.

  • You can run the server in this shell. To run again with the changes you made earlier:

docker start -a {yourchoice}

I try to keep this container up to date with the latest build from github. However, if you find that the examples are not working, you may try doing a git pull to update the shims before troubleshooting further.

Log Insight and vRealize Operations Manager send alert notifications as HTTP POST with a JSON body. However, most third-party solutions expect incoming webhooks to be in a proprietary format. If the receiving system lacks native support for the webhook format, a shim between them can translate the webhook format as needed. This repository provides several example shims design to work with Python 2.7+.

Docker Pull Command