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The Vorto Repository is a centralised place to lookup, share and re-use Vorto Information Models.
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What are Vorto Information Models ?

Information Models describe real-world devices with their characteristics and services using a simple language.
These models can then be translated into platform-specific code representations by using Vorto Generators. The Open Source Vorto Project provides all necessary tools, example Code Generators and API's for you to get started in just a couple of minutes.
For more information, visit

Check out the Eclipse hosted version of the repository under

Pulling instance:

To get the latest Vorto Infomodel repository docker image, use the following command,

$ docker pull vorto/infomodelrepository:latest

[:latest] - latest tag is optional.

Running instance:

To run Vorto infomodelrepository, image use the below command,

$ docker run -d  -p 8080:8080 vorto/infomodelrepository:latest

[:latest] - latest tag is optional. |
{xxxx}:8080 - Outbound port {xxxx}: can be configured to any available port.

Access Vorto Repository:


Launch browser navigate to http://localhost:8080/infomodelrepository.

For Mac:

Find the ip address from executing the command,

$ docker-machine ip

-- e.g

Launch browser & navigate to

Docker Pull Command