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BitTorrent Sync running in Docker

tl;dr Run BitTorrent Sync isolated within a Docker container.


To install this container, simply run:

docker pull vpetersson/btsync


This Docker container relies on the environment variable SYNCKEY. For your own safety, only use read-only keys (or encrypted keys).

Assuming you actually want to permanently store the data, the container also requires that you pass on a local storage path (outside of the container) where you store the data (/local/storagepath below). This may be either a regular path or an encrypted volume.

The name variable is optional, but recommended such that you can identify what share the instance is running.

docker run -d \
    -p 55555 \
    -e "SYNCKEY=YourSyncKey" \
    --name "NameOfYourShare" \
    -v /local/storagepath:/sync/storage \

Each container is designed to only run one share, so you will need to spin up one container per share.

Alternatively, you can use the script to create your instances.

chmod +x
./ sync-key share-name local-path


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