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OVS containers running both Open_vSwitch and hardware_vtep schemas.
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These docker images are used by OpenDaylight project for Integration Testing of OVSDB and Netvirt.

These containers will have Open_vSwitch schema running, with support to add/enable hardware_vtep schema.

To uses these containers in your local environment, do the following:

docker pull vpickard/openvswitch
cid=$(docker run -idt --cap-add NET_ADMIN -p 6641:6640 vpickard/openvswitch:2.5.0)

The above will start the docker container, running OVS 2.5.0.
Change the tag at the end for other OVS versions.

If you want to use the VTEP emulator, start docker as above, then issue these commands:
sudo su -
docker exec $cid ovsdb-tool create /etc/openvswitch/vtep.db /usr/share/openvswitch/vtep.ovsschema
docker exec $cid supervisorctl stop ovsdb-server
docker exec $cid supervisorctl start ovsdb-server-vtep

docker exec $cid ovs-vsctl add-br br-vtep
docker exec $cid ovs-vsctl add-port br-vtep eth0

docker exec $cid vtep-ctl add-ps br-vtep
docker exec $cid vtep-ctl add-port br-vtep eth0
docker exec $cid vtep-ctl set Physical_Switch br-vtep tunnel_ips=
docker exec $cid supervisorctl start ovs-vtep
docker exec $cid vtep-ctl set-manager ptcp:6640

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