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Distributed application based on docker containers. Implements basic distributed algorithms.

//building an image
> git clone
> docker build -t "disturb" ./disturb

//Running container
//There are three actors supported: ping, pong and yabaduka. Pass name of the actor when running container
> docker run -P -d disturb ping

//Let's find out what host system port is mapped to the port exposed in container
> docker ps
// 5a12806c6ee2 ....>1366/tcp elegant_ptolemy

//If you are on Mac, let's see what ip is used for containers
> boot2docker ip

//Now, make a request to network socket
> telnet 49159
//Escape character is '^]'.
//Start by typing a greeting. Hu kouza ping
//Zu hakarin #1

//You can type anything, response will be the same
> test

//Finish playing with the app. "Bye." is a stop word
//Connection closed by foreign host.
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