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Docker Par4all

Par4All is an automatic parallelizing and optimizing compiler (workbench) for C and Fortran sequential programs.
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This repository contains Dockerfile to build an evironment for running Par4all on Ubuntu.

Build Par4all

Clone git repository and build an image:

> git clone
> docker build -t par4all docker-par4all/

OR easier option is to pull pre-built image from the Docker Hub:

> docker pull vrann/par4all

Run Par4all:

  1. Check user guide about docker volumes to see limitations on the Mac/Windows
  2. Create a new directory. It will contain source code for parallelisation. Let's say it is called /Users/path/to/sources. Move all sources there.
  3. Run docker container and map a volume "/sources" to the created directory:
    > docker run -v /Users/path/to/sources:/sources -it par4all

Content of the created directory on the host machine will be available from inside container by /sources path. Now everything is ready to execute Par4all. As far as container was run in interactive mode, user shell is running inside container. Execute "p4a" command -- it is entry point to parallelization programm.

In order to have access to the output of paralelization later on the host system, point output-dir to the same /sources directory.

> p4a [options] /sources/file --output-dir=/sources/output 
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