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Docker image for MySQL 5.1.73 database
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Docker image for MySQL 5.1.73 database based on official MySQL image


  • Install Docker
  • Run docker commnad to get an image: docker pull vsamov/mysql-5.1.73
  • Validate image successfully downloaded: docker images


Start a mysql server instance:

# general form
$ $ docker run [OPTIONS] IMAGE[:TAG|@DIGEST] [COMMAND] [ARG...]

# example
$ docker run -d --name mysql-5.1.73 -p 3307:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=[password] vsamov/mysql-5.1.73:latest

... where some-mysql is the name you want to assign to your container, my-secret-pw is the password to be set for the MySQL root user and tag is the tag specifying the MySQL version you want. See the list above for relevant tags. If port 3306 is used replace -p 3306:3306 with -p 3307:3306

Other commands:

## kill the container
docker kill [container-id]

# shell script/shell access
$ docker exec -it vsamov/mysql-5.1.73:latest bash

# viewing MySQL logs
$ docker logs vsamov/mysql-5.1.73:latest

# start exisitng container (often: after Docker Engine update)
docker start [CONTAINER ID]


Please contribute using Github Flow. Create a fork, add commits, and open a pull request.

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