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Minimal base image for Ruby apps, built from Alpine
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Vualto Ruby Base Image

Vutopics system


Vutopics is a mechanism for transmitting simple values to a given "topic" using rsyslog to buffer and transmit messages asynchronously.


To be able to transmit messages the following must be satisfied:

  • environment variable VUTOPIC_REDIS_SERVER must be defined as a valid redis host.
  • rsyslogd must be running.

Message transmission

Simply log a message to syslog with the following format:

  • <TOPIC_NAME> is a dot delimited list of words to describe the value being transmitted. e.g. Downstream clients will subscribe to this topic.
  • <VALUE> is an arbitrary value to be associated with the topic.
  • <TAGS> (optional) is a JSON string containing more data to build more context for downstream clients.


The following environment variables may be used to configure Vutopics.

  • VUTOPIC_REDIS_SERVER The redis host vutopics will insert transmissions into.
  • VUTOPIC_REDIS_PASSWORD The password to authenticate with upon connection to the host.
  • VUTOPIC_REDIS_PORT The port in which to connect to the redis host. Defaults to 6379 when empty.
  • VUTOPIC_QUEUE_NAME The queue on redis to push transmitted messages to. Ensure this name matches the configuration in any downstream consumers such as logstash.
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