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Latest .NET Core with Yeoman and many generators installed
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A Docker image for generating .NET Core project boilerplate.
Use only for work or for maximum pleasure fun.

batteries included:

  • Yeoman - an opinionated scaffolding tool for modern web projects
  • generator-aspnet from a Omnisharp - choose "aspnet"
    • Empty Web Application
    • Empty Web Application (F#)
    • Console Application
    • Console Application (F#)
    • Web Application
    • Web Application Basic [without Membership and Authorization]
    • Web Application Basic [without Membership and Authorization] (F#)
    • Web API Application
    • Web API Application (F#)
    • Nancy ASP.NET Application
    • Class Library
    • Class Library (F#)
    • Unit Test project (
    • Unit Test project ( (F#)
  • generator-aspnetcore from a Kriasoft - choose "aspnetcore"
    • ASP.NET Core Starter Kit is a real-world boilerplate and tooling for creating single-page web applications (SPA) oriented towards progressive enhancement design, cross-platform compatability and component-based UI architecture. It is built upon best of breed technologies including .NET Core, Kestrel, EF Core, Babel, Webpack, React, Redux, CSS Modules, React Hot Loader and more. This boilerplate comes in both C# and F# flavors.
  • generator-aspnetcore-spa from a Microsoft - choose "aspnetcore-spa"
    • Invoking arbitrary NPM packages at runtime from .NET code (docs)
    • Server-side prerendering of SPA components (docs)
    • Webpack dev middleware (docs)
    • Hot module replacement (HMR) (docs)
    • Server-side and client-side routing integration (docs)
    • Server-side and client-side validation integration
    • "Cache priming" for Angular 2 apps
    • "Lazy loading" for Knockout apps
  • generator-docker from another Microsoft - choose "docker"
    • This generator creates a Dockerfile and scripts ( and dockerTask.ps1) that helps you build and run your project inside of a Docker container. The following project types are currently supported:
    • .NET Core
    • Node.js
    • Go

is usage a recommended

Step 1 - create a new folder to store your project template
# you can name it whatever you like
mkdir app
Step 2 - run yeoman inside the container interactively, mounting the /app folder
# just remember to mount it as :/app:Z
docker run -it -v $PWD/app:/app:Z vukovinski/has-a-dotnet-generator
Step 3 - choose a generator and complete the interactive prompts

powered by

  • Node.js
  • .NET Core
  • Webpack
  • wonderful people from around the world that contribute code freely and with an open source
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