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A Haskell powered half-duplex fast conduit-based directory mirroring tool over TCP
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Two docker images of the simple-file-mirror by FP Complete

simple-file-mirror:local - Dockerfile
simple-file-mirror:remote - Dockerfile


Configure the remote client by setting the listening port, and a mirrored destination directory. The simple-file-mirror tool will listen on the specified port and connect to the server over TCP in a conduit transaction. A conduit is an enumerator/iteratee or a pipes client-server communication model.

# this is directories, remember?
mkdir remote
# run in a docker container
docker run \
-e REMOTE_PORT=(set wanted port) \
-v $PWD/remote:/destination:Z \
-d simple-file-mirror:remote

Run the local server by setting the remote's host name and port, and mounting a broadcast source directory. You can run multiple instances of this service via docker to broadcast to other hosts.

# still directories
mkdir broadcast
docker run \
-e REMOTE_HOST=(set to remote ipaddr) \
-e REMOTE_PORT=(set to remote port) \
-v $PWD/broadcast:/source:Z \
-d simple-file-mirror:local

Roadmap 2016

  • Docker Compose simple-file-mirror data-center orchestration builder
  • A DSL for building remote
  • A DSL for building local
  • Hashicorp Consul support
  • Build up community. You can join sooner.

Do contribute and report issues.

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