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Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack. Lightweight.

Elasticsearch 1.6.0
Kibana 4.1.0
Logstash 1.5.1
Elastic Curator

You can check it out by running the following commands

docker run -p -p 25432:28777 vulpe03/elk
echo 'message2' | nc -w 1 localhost 28777

But I would recommend using a nginx or haproxy and securing it with an auth. Also change the logger port forwarding from 28777 to something as big.

For persistent elasticsearch data use

docker run -v /opt/elasticsearch/data:/opt/elasticsearch/data -p -p 25432:28777 vulpe03/elk

I also added a script for curating logstash every 1 day

docker run -e CURATOR_CRON=true vulpe03/elk

You can replace my with your own doing something like this with your Dockerfile

FROM vulpe03/elk
COPY /opt/
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