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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Nginx + PHP5-FPM

This is a simple container with Nginx, PHP5-FPM, and Ubuntu 14.04.

To pull this image from Docker Hub:

docker pull vutran/docker-nginx-php5-fpm

To run an instance of this image:

docker run --name mywebapp -d -P vutran/docker-nginx-php5-fpm

You can mount your local application directory to the container at /var/www/html:

docker run --name mywebapp -d -P -v /src/html:/var/www/html vutran/docker-nginx-php5-fpm

Open the URL in the browser

open http://$(boot2docker ip):$(docker port mywebapp 80 | sed 's/')


You can also build your own image with this as the base and apply your own application-specific configurations if needed.

For more information, please see the Dockerfile documentations.


FROM vutran/docker-nginx-php5-fpm

# Execute or run any additional instructions here such
# Example:
# COPY website.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/website.conf
# ENV myEnvVar myEnvValue

Docker Compose

If you have a complex application, you can use Docker Compose to run everything in a single command.

For more information, please see the Docker Compose documentation


    build: .
     - .:/var/www/html
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