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The concourse resource to send notifications to telegram
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Resource for Concourse CI to send messages to Telegram.

It allows you to send (put) a messages to Telegram from your pipeline.

Prepare your bot

Before using this resource, you should create a bot for yourself. Please, follow the instruction to create a bot and to get its token. Pass this value to the _bot_token_ parameter.

Then, find out the chat ID you want to send notifications to. Now you are ready to use it.

Private channel

It is a good idea to create a private channel for your team where bot will print all the messages from Concourse.
In this case you need to follow this steps:

1) create a public channel, give it a name, say, @MyChannel
2) add your bot as an administrator
3) then, send some testing message to this channel, use this command: curl -X POST "<botApi>/sendMessage?chat_id=@MyChannel&text=123". You should see a new message from your bot in your channel. Check the JSON output from this command, you will find an chat_id. The output could look like this:
{ "ok" : true, "result" : { "chat" : { "id" : -1001005582487, "title" : "Test Private Channel", "type" : "channel" }, "date" : 1448245538, "message_id" : 7, "text" : "123" } }
, where chat_id is -1001005582487
4) optionally, now you can make your channel private, generate link and send it to your collegues

Use the resource

The simplest example:

# declare custom resource type:
- name: telegram-notification
  type: docker-image
    repository: w32blaster/concourse-telegram-notifier
    tag: latest

# declare resource
- name: telegram-notification
  type: telegram-notification
    bot_token: "<bot token>"

# use it in your job
- name: "Job Send Message To Telegram"
  public: true
    - put: telegram-notification
         chat_id: "<your chat ID>"
         text: "Build ok. [Build $BUILD_NAME](http://localhost:8080/pipelines/$BUILD_PIPELINE_NAME/jobs/$BUILD_JOB_NAME/builds/$BUILD_NAME)"

Have fun.

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