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Fyzon - Translation tool

Lightweight. Simple. Free.


Ok, say, you have an application and you have to localyze it. Say, you have a *.properies file with some phrases in English
and you need to make similar files with another languages. You make them locally and your app works. Next, you want to
ask a translator to translate phrases and he/she struggles to connect to Git and edit *.properies documents, because he/she
is used to work only in MS Office. What to do?


Ok, there are number of professional translation services, that can help you. But they cost money and while your project grows, the price
increases drammatically.

Here comes Fyzon

Fyzon is simple as hell. You can install it on your server via only one command and send the URL link to your translator.
Then you can download the latest copy of .properties file manually or using your CI via API. It is open source and always will be free.


Do you want to try it? Huh, that's super easy with our docker image.
Simply run:

docker run -p 8080:8080 w32blaster/fyzon

and navigate to http://localhost:8080. Login with user user1 and password pass1 (registration page is ongoing). Enjoy!

Few screenshots here:

Few screenshots for you.

Main page

Project page

Upload new .properties file to import

How to start the development on your computer

Wow, you read this paragraph, that means you decided to bless this badly written code with your attention! Welcome, mate!

To start coding, you need only sqlite3, go installed on your computer. Then,

1) and import the database schema

sqlite3 db/trans.sqlite3 < db/schema.sql

2) download and install all the golang dependencies

go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v

3) rebuild SemanticUI theme

npm install semantic-ui --save
cd semantic
gulp build

And here you go! Just compile with command go build and run it with ./fyzon! Please, join the development, I would be happy to accept an PR from you!

Good luck!

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