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This container is a fork of

However, it has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • The base has been explicitly set to alpine:3.4
  • Auto-start has been added.
  • Optional persistent storage ability has been added (2016-09-13 09:27).

Using the container

To run, simply execute

docker run -p 11300:11300 -ti bevand10/alpine-beanstalk

This will start the container and produce something along the lines of

docker run -p 11300:11300 -ti bevand10/alpine-beanstalk
Unable to find image 'bevand10/alpine-beanstalk:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from bevand10/alpine-beanstalk
e110a4a17941: Already exists 
6e9ee5139deb: Pull complete 
50058da20b54: Pull complete 
629322a88063: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:5664056b9b7dddcbede26e34a049074c58797e4e2fd6a50cae18b3857b4133c2
Status: Downloaded newer image for bevand10/alpine-beanstalk:latest
    1 root       0:00 {} /bin/sh /
    7 root       0:00 /opt/beanstalk/beanstalkd
    8 root       0:00 ps 7
Waiting for SIGTERM

The container stays alive until it is stopped with either docker stop or docker kill.

Verbose mode

To start with more diagnostics, override the std run command as follows:

docker run -p 11300:11300 -ti bevand10/alpine-beanstalk / -V

For more verbosity, add another V.

Persistent Storage mode

To persist beanstalkd queue data, mount a VOLUME when starting your container -
either a local directory or link to a volume in another container. Your volume
MUST be mounted as /binlog in your docker container.

For example, using /home/myaccount/beanstore as the target
persist my beanstalkd data here folder, start your docker as follows:

docker run -p 11300:11300 -v /home/myaccount/beanstore:/binlog -ti bevand10/alpine-beanstalk

The startup script ( detects the presence of the /binlog mount and adds the
appropriate startup argument (-b /binlog) to the beanstalkd execute command.

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